Hawala: the bankers of irregular migration

Picture: Andrés Mourenza

The absence of legal migratory routes towards Europe has raised the importance of entrusted intermediaries that operate through the ‘hawala’ system and serve both as a bank for smugglers and as an insurer for migrants.

This investigation, which I coordinated and carried out together with with journalists Andrés Mourenza, Iliana Papangeli, Andrea Giambartolomei, Priyanka Shankar and Emma Yeomans, was supported by a grant from the IJ4EU fund and by Journalismfund Europe and was published in

El País

The traditional ‘hawala’ money transfer system provides financial services to human traffickers and migrants on dangerous journeys to the EU and the UK (in Spanish and in English)

Here pdf of Spanish version:

The difficulty of chasing money from irregular migration that leaves no trace (in Spanish)

Here pdf of Spanish version:

Why people migrate from Iraki Kurdistan (in Spanish)

Here pdf of Spanish version:

Solomon, in English and Greek

lavialibera, in Italian

The Times, in English (text) and podcast